Programmes taught in english

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Arts et Métiers offers Master’s programmes taught in English. These present an opportunity for students with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent to obtain a master's degree of the highest international standard.

The programmes are available to both exchange students and free movers; they start mid-September or early October and finish in June.

Two types of programmes are offered, depending on the level of study of the applicant:

Holders of a Bachelor’s degree in Science or in Engineering can apply for the 2-year Master’s programme (M1+M2) in Mechanical, Energy and Industrial Engineering and chose 1 of the 3 subject areas:

  • Energy
  • Industrial engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

Students who have already completed one year of a Master’s programme can apply for one of the following options (M2), taught in 1year :

  • Bioimaging (BIM)
  • BioMaterials (BioMAT)
  • BioMechanics : from tissues to musculoskeletal structures (BioMECH)
  • Molecular and cellular biotherapies (MCB)
  • Bioengineering and Innovation in Neurosciences (BIN)
  • Knowledge Integration in Mechanical Production-Advanced Production Systems
  • Knowledge Integration in Mechanical Production-Design and Manufacturing
  • Electrical Engineering for sustainable development
  • Materials and Engineering Sciences
  • Advanced manufacturing and materials science (AM²S)
  • Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering (CPSE)

Moreover, exchange students coming from partner universities can carry out research projects for one semester or the whole academic year in one of our 15 laboratories.

Even though English is your teaching and working language during your stay at Arts et Métiers, French language courses are offered and recommended to get an introduction to French society and culture. Intensive French classes are offered in all our campuses throughout the academic year.

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