Master of Science Cyber-physical systems engineering (CPSE)

Visuel MR CPSE

Cyber-physical systems engineering, a well-balanced theory/practice industry 4.0 training program


Campus Arts et Métiers d'Aix-en-Provence


  • Deep theoretical knowledge on the mainstream concepts, methods, models and tools involved in CPS engineering and Industry 4.0 technologies and processes
  • Extended practical skills for the definition of multidisciplinary technical solutions for CPS engineering
  • Deep understanding of the overall value chain, the strategic and supply chain management
  • Structured research methodology to address a wide range of Industry 4.0 related research challenges
  • Transversal skills gained when confronting to both academic and industrial multi-disciplinary projects
  • International exposure through the courses taught in English and exchange with foreign students


Teaching language : English
ECTS credits: 30 credits/session (60 ECTS for the M2)

Learning outcomes are reached through a well-balanced training program that combines theoretical and practical learning sequences, during which students are placed in both academic and real-life industrial configurations, in order to develop multiple transversal skills.

  • From September to January (courses) : 4 professionalizing and 6 scientific modules, a language module (24h), a long multi-disciplinary project (128h). This project aims at further investigating the notions introduced in the various modules, and further interacting with state-of-the-art methods, models and tools through real-life industrial projects.
  • From February to September : master thesis in academia or industry, in France or abroad.

The 4 professionalizing modules are as follows (48h) :
• Research methodology (12h)
• Artificial Intelligence and data analytics (12h)
• Industry 4.0: concepts, survey and future trends (12h)
• Digital factory and supply chain management (12h)

The 6 scientific modules are as follows (144h) :
• Digital Mock-Up for CPS modeling and advanced engineering (24h)
Reverse engineering and digital prototyping of CPS (24h)
Continuity for CPS engineering in a heterogeneous context (24h)
• Supervision of CPS during the engineering and exploitation phases (24h)
Advanced robotics (24h)
• Mechatronics, advanced control, identification and fault-detection for CPS (24h)

We use RoboDK for offline simulation and programming of industrial robots.


  • Academic partners: Laboratory MAP Marseille (France), IMATI-CNR of Genova (Italy), ETS Montréal, Quebec (Canada), Laboratory LURPA, ENS Cachan (France)
  • Industrial partners: Polyshape, SAFRAN, PSA, Cap Gemini, Airbus, Cetim
  • Sponsor : RoboDK (we use RoboDK for offline simulation and programming of industrial robots)


  • PhD in a field related to Industry 4.0 and CPS, in academia or in industry (CIFRE), to become a recognized expert in an area of the Industry 4.0.
  • R&D in large companies or startups, in numerous sectors (manufacturing, construction, services, consultancy, etc.) and fields (automotive, aerospace, health, IoT, etc.).


  • First year of Master of Science degree or an equivalent foreign diploma
  • For Arts et Métiers students : through the 2A and 2B selection processes


Applications end mid-June
The admission process includes an oral presentation to evaluate the motivations and level of English

==> Apply online


Tuition fee for EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA citizens : around 243€/academic year and it has to be paid the registration day, at the latest. There is no application fee.


Prof. Jean-Philippe Pernot

Phone : + 33 (0)4 42 93 81 96

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