Campus life

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All you need to know about your campus life.

Libraries and computer facilities

Each Arts et Métiers campus has its own Documentation Center and IT room with Internet access open to students. Once you have registered you will be able to obtain an e-mail address from the webmaster.

Our campuses are equipped with infrastructure (gymnasium, weight room, climbing wall,...) which allow students to take part in numerous team and individual sports.

Student and sports activities

Engineering students likewise take advantage of special and original opportunities to express themselves, shoulder responsibility and work in teams.

All the sport, cultural, scientific or humanitarian activities are organized and managed by the students through the Student Union (known as “UE”) which provides its members with a wide range of extra-curricular activities and services, including industrial contacts (career fairs), sports, charitable activities, entertainment (Galas…).

Some members of its members are dedicated to international activities, in a group called "R-Inter". They will help you integrate the School by organizing various activities with French and foreign students.

Among the activities offered:

  • Contacts with industry 
  • Sports: sailing, football, rugby, tennis, handball, golf, athletics, skiing, rally
  • Humanitarian activities
  • Events such as the Galas held by each Campus 

Dernières actualités

Cinq étudiants participeront à une journée d’essais privés de Formule 1 début 2021.


Félix Guéguen est élève-ingénieur Arts et Métiers en 3ème année du Programme Grand Ecole, dans le cadre d'un double diplôme réalisé avec


Le 6 juillet dernier, Rachel, ex-doctorante du laboratoire I2M du campus de Bordeaux, a décroché le prix Jean-Marc Gey (JMG) qui récompense des doctorants effectuant une thèse dans un laboratoire adossé à


En juillet 2020, Arts et Métiers a délivré aux étudiants de la promotion 2019 du Programme Grande Ecole les premières attestations de réussite sécurisées par la blockchain.