Arts et Métiers and the Moroccan Ministry of Industry and Trade have partnered to create the Ecole Arts et Métiers Rabat Campus (EAMR)

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and Arts et Métiers France have established the Ecole Arts et Métiers Rabat Campus (EAMR) to train the future leaders of Morocco's responsible industries.

Ecole Arts et Métiers Rabat Campus is the culmination of a shared vision and ambition to meet Moroccan companies' needs and support their transition to a responsible and sustainable industry for the future, the two parties said in a joint statement.

EAMR will award degrees of excellence starting in the 2023 academic year, supported by applied teaching methods that will put students into action in an industrial-level learning factory in which digital technology will play a central role. EAMR's teacher-researchers will carry out academic research and joint research and innovation initiatives to improve industrial skills and performance.

"There will be no transition without new skills for young people to build sustainable infrastructure and smart cities. Arts et Métiers is very happy to see the completion of this very ambitious co-development project with the Ministry of Industry and Trade,", says Laurent Champaney, President of Arts et Métiers.

The climate emergency and social expectations require rapid changes in technology and expertise. EAMR intends to contribute by training leaders of responsible industries that design and produce the impactful organisational and technological innovations that are crucial to the energy, environmental and social transitions. 

To this end, Arts et Métiers is committed to encouraging and supporting industrial research in Moroccan businesses and in hosting industrial start-ups by founding an incubator at its Rabat campus.

In the long term, EAMR will have 1,000 students, with cohorts of around 200 engineers and 200 students in the Professional Bachelor's programme each year.

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