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The Institut Image at Chalon-sur-Saône, which is attached to the Cluny campus, is pursuing a principal objective: to develop tools and disseminate virtual immersion methods and tools to support engineers. The work is carried out by a research team of 25 people (teacher-researchers, PhD students, engineers, technicians and administrative staff) dependent on LE2I (Electronics, IT and Image Laboratory).

Research in the field of virtual immersion

The researchers are particularly interested in multi-sensory immersion techniques for interacting with the digital model in virtual reality and augmented reality. The challenge consists of enabling a user to see a digital model, which requires the use of interfaces. This therefore means developing virtual reality technologies while acting on the various sensory modalities. Three lines of research are being developed: Virtual reality and augmented reality for the industry of the future, driving simulation, virtual environments for education and health. In relation to its expertise, the Institute offers a Master’s in Management of 3D interactive technologies (MTi3D) in partnership with the Arts et Métiers Laval Institute.

The Institut Image is linked to the Renault Group through the LiV joint laboratory for work on collaborative research projects.

The regional anchoring of the Institut Image is expressed through projects with the regional industrial fabric, in particular the Azur project supported by the UIMM F2I Fund. The Institut Image also enjoys the support of the State and territorial communities: the Grand Chalon, the Regional Council of Bourgogne Franche-Comté and the European Union through the ERDF.

A message from the Delegate Director

"Virtual Reality is going through a revival with the large-scale dissemination of helmet-mounted display technologies and augmented reality being developed by the large digital companies. This resurgence is an opportunity for research and innovation operators as many barriers remain (adaptation of virtual reality technologies to uses and user profiles, simulator sickness, optimal interaction methods, etc.). The Institut Image is taking part in these research and innovation efforts based on the experience it has gained over almost 20 years and its network of partners. In this context, the issues that the Institut Image will face in the coming years relate to the perpetuation of the PeTRiiV technology platform technical team, the development of a wider range of training courses and the development of research and innovation projects within the Arts et Métiers network in support of the industry of the future. To complete this development successfully, the Institut Image enjoys the dynamism of Le Grand Chalon,, which federates many players of the image and digital world, also thanks to the support provided by  Nicéphore Cité to the sector. Over the last few years, research activities have led to several company formations, including On Situ, Longcat Audio Technologies and Paztec. " Frederic Mérienne, Delegate Director of the Institut Image of Chalon-sur-Saône.


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