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Promoting the emergence of future businesses.

An organisation dedicated to business, the Arts et Métiers incubator offers support tailored to the different project stages as well as to project implementation and development.

The services offered by the institution's incubator offers multiple opportunities for refining and implementing business projects: a hosting and co-working area, access to networks of experts, contributions to financing, training courses, themed breakfasts and workshops, individual follow-up, technical support with the Arts et Métiers laboratories, etc.

100 businesses created in seven years

Set up in 2010, it led to the creation of 100 companies in seven years. This success can be explained by the methodology used by the incubator team. Prior to the selection process, the team meets the future executives and analyses their profiles and the complementarity of their skills. Depending on the stage of progress, the team then determines the aspects to be developed before presenting the case to the incubation committee jury.

Once they have been given a place in the incubator, the entrepreneurs have access to all the school's laboratories for development, design and technical feasibility tests. They are also put in touch with a network of multidisciplinary experts and entrepreneurs covering all their needs: sales, marketing, innovation support, banking, finance and accounting, insurance and social protection, legal, strategy.

A pre-incubator to formalise the project

In 2016, Arts et Métiers opened a pre-incubator dedicated to young graduates wanting to bring their start-up projects to fruition. The aim is to support them for between six months and one year in formalising their projects and preparing for incubator entry candidacy. They benefit from special training, business creation and keys to success, and are also given access to an entrepreneurial network.

Key figures

  • Seven years of existence
  • 93 % success rate
  • 115 projects presented to the incubation committee
  • 25 companies incubated at any given time
  • 100 businesses created
  • 700 jobs created with open-ended employment contracts
  • 25 million euros raised in funds when leaving incubation
  • 10 million euros of revenue generated when leaving incubation
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Following the government announcement on new measures in fight against Coronavirus, Arts et Metiers’ teaching arrangements will change until December 1st.