PhD/Doctoral studies


Doctorate: engineering sciences supporting innovation

Using research to train the initiators of tomorrow's innovations to conduct their own research: Arts et Métiers, a place of scientific production and the dissemination of knowledge, is one of the few engineering schools to offer a doctorate.

"Doctoral training is a real differentiating factor at Arts et Métiers", according to Laurent Champaney, Chief Executive. It is a criterion of scientific excellence, which contributes to the dynamism of the research and the school's international reputation.

Scientific experts sought by industry

The school's laboratories permanently host more than 250 Arts et Métiers doctoral students. For three years, they benefit from a unique environment of advanced technology and specialist knowledge, while contributing to high-value scientific projects.

Upon graduation, the holders of Arts et Métiers doctorates may choose to go into an academic career. They also have skills that are highly valued in the labour market. The doctorate is a career booster. It provides an opening to numerous scientific expert positions – profiles that are highly sought after in industry."

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