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Virtual reality, augmented reality and connected objects are at the core of the work at the Laval Institute, which is attached to the Angers campus. This presence owes nothing to chance: Since the end of the 1990s, Laval has been committed to becoming the European Capital of virtual reality. This ambition is embodied in particular with the Laval Virtual exhibition, which hosts dozens of exhibitors from around the world, and the Laval Virtual Center, which will be inaugurated in 2017.

Virtual reality issues

The  Presence & Innovation research team, which is dependent on the LAMPA laboratory, develops project partnerships with the world of industry that meet the needs of businesses as closely as possible. The aim of the work is to develop design approaches focusing on user experience.

The Institute also offers a research master's geared towards the management of 3D interactive technologies. A unique training course in France, the master’s degree combines research with the field by involving students in concrete projects supported by companies.

A message from the Director

"Ten years ago, we were among the pioneers of virtual reality and augmented reality. Today, these themes cover all areas of activity: they are incorporated into the design, manufacturing and marketing processes. The many industrial applications play a leading role in research and training. The Institute will be located in the future Laval Virtual Center, which aims to bring together all players in this futuristic sector. We want to strengthen synergies to benefit the transfer of technology. Another project involves the development of industrial chairs dedicated to innovative design processes. " Jean Quessada.



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