MTI3D research master's

The MTI 3D master's programme aims to train experts in 3D interactive technologies. With a combination of laboratory research and application in the field, they are trained to create new products and services based on virtual technology – virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D and connected objects.

Two M2 (second year master's programme) courses are possible : human-machine interactions (at the Chalon-sur-Saône Arts et Métiers institute), innovation perception and management, engineering and advanced virtual reality (in Laval).

This offers many career opportunities: R&D Manager, teacher-researcher, virtual reality or augmented reality engineer, IT project manager, consultant or start-up entrepreneur.


M1 (first year master's degree course) is accessible with a degree, while M2 can be followed after an M1, another M2 course, a degree in engineering or a final year at engineering school. After their applications have been assessed, selected candidates attend a recruitment interview and take a test in English.

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