General information

Admission requirements

The list of proposed thesis subjects is available on the doctoral school website. The candidate must contact the doctoral supervisor to propose the subject.

The selection is made following the hearing before a board of admission. This hearing can take place by video conference. The prerequisite is for the student to hold a national master's research qualification or equivalent.

Registration conditions

As soon as the candidate has been admitted on the thesis topic, he or she must register via our website. All useful information for registration is presented on the Arts et Métiers doctorate website in "Registration conditions". The candidate can get help from his or her doctoral supervisor.

When the PhD student has registered for the thesis, the doctoral supervisor, laboratory director and doctoral school director sign the Thesis Charter. The Charter sets out the rights and duties of each of the stakeholders, who are committed to the rules of the institution and the doctoral school.


A thesis topic proposed by an Arts et Métiers research unit must be accompanied by funding for the doctoral student. This may be either from doctoral contracts or from salaries paid as part of the contractual PhD work (for example, an industrial contract or a PhD governed by a CIFRE agreement – an industrial agreement on training through research), or from a doctoral scholarship (from a foundation or a foreign government). In exceptional cases, funding may originate from a salaried activity that is compatible with the research work required for the doctorate. PhD students must obtain their employers' consent.

Last news

Organized by the French-German Institute for industry of the future, the summer school will take place from 19th october to 23rd october in Karslruhe.

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