1000 Arts et Métiers students « gadzarts » participate in the inter gadzarts Arts et Métiers student athletic union 2019 (Grandes UAI KIN 2019)

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More than 1000 students will be participating this year at the 45th annual « inter gadzarts » student  athletic union.  which will take place in Aix en Provence from May 30 to June 2, 2019.

Like each year, the intergadazrts athletic union event  brings together the A&M engineering students from the 8 campuses all over  France. Over 3 days, students will participate in more than 40 sporting competitions – including individual and group sports : rugby, football, swimming, handball, basketball, athletics...

The objective being to win the champion title of the « Grandes UAI » and the best supporter  of the «Grandes UAI»!

Everyone is invited to participate in their own way, which is is also what has been the success of this major sports event over for the last 45 years.

For the student organising team of Arts and Métiers, it is not only a sports challenge, but also a logistical, security and economic challenge. With a budget of 150 000 €, the stakes are important!

The aim is also to the continue and reinforce the excellent relations that the campus has with the city of Aix-en-Provence, the alumni as well as the partner companies. Through their support of this sports event, they too share the values of sport while reaching out to more than 1000 A&M engineers!

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visuel grandes uai 2019
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More than 1000 students will be participating this year at the 45th annual « inter gadzarts » student  athletic union.

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