conférence de presse arts et metiers ensam septembre 2023

At a press conference on 12 September 2023, Arts et Métiers expressed its desire to train more engineering students. How? By developing partnerships, expanding its range of training and opening new campuses, along with other initiatives.

“50,000 engineers are trained in France every year, but the country will need to train 100,000 a year by 2027. Our goal is to increase the number of Arts et Métiers graduates by 50% by 2027,” said Laurent Champaney, President of Arts et Métiers, at a press conference on 12 September 2023. He outlined the institution’s major projects and was accompanied by Nadège Troussier, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Coline Moal Vignon, Director of AMTalents.



Arts et Métiers is developing new partnerships to expand its range of training while maintaining operational control. These partnerships are also aim to increase the number of Arts et Métiers graduates.

A working partnership with ISTP to become an Arts et Métiers engineer

It is now possible to become an Arts et Métiers specialty engineer through block-release training at the ISTP campus in Saint-Etienne. This programme aims to train high-level executives that can steer complex projects focused on designing mechanical and mechatronic products and equipment. The first academic year began on 11 September 2023 with a cohort of 18 apprentices. The goal is to reach 60 graduates a year by 2027. 

Arts et Métiers campus to open in Rabat, Morocco

In partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Industry and Trade, the opening of this Arts et Métiers campus in autumn 2024 will help strengthen the institution’s positioning in the Maghreb and open up opportunities in Africa, drawing on the many industrial firms based in Rabat. 13 Moroccan students enrolled in the Grande Ecole programme were welcomed to the Metz campus at the start of the 2023 academic year. Students will be recruited for the Technological Bachelor's degree (equivalent to three years of higher studies), for the start of the next academic year. The goal is to reach 100 engineering graduates per year by 2027, and 60 graduates per year in the Bachelor’s programme.

Plans for a campus in Le Havre, Normandy

In response to a request from the Normandy Region and a survey of local needs conducted with Le Havre mayor Edouard Philippe, Arts et Métiers plans to open a new campus in the city by 2027. The future building will house teaching facilities for both Arts et Métiers and the Le Havre University lnstitute of Technology (IUT). A portion will also be reserved for the Crous student restaurant.

Other collaborative projects are being carried out to support Arts et Métiers programmes.

The CaMeX-IA project, one of the Grand Est region’s nine Trades and Qualification Campuses, provides hands-on training in artificial intelligence and digital technology for industry, building and construction professions.

The CAIRE “Citizen-Oriented Artificial Intelligence Training for a Responsible Education” project, headed by HESAM University, aims to introduce sustainable approach to training students to support organizations and regions by massively integrating the adoption of and mastery of Artificial intelligence tools and technologies.


With the rapid pace of change in industry, continuing training is more necessary than ever. Through the AMTalents programme, created in 2021, Arts et Métiers offers its expertise to help workers improve their employability throughout their working lives, while responding to companies’ growing demand for skills. In 2023, AMTalents launched apprenticeship and continuing education programmes in connection with Arts et Métiers training courses including:

Establishing a partnership with DSTI “Data ScienceTech Institute” to respond to digital industry (Industry 4.0) issues by offering a degree for engineers and helping companies tackle the challenges of digitalization in industry: “Digital Industry and AI”

A partnership with ESSCA, a prestigious business school, to launch an experiential learning-based online MBA, the “Business & Technology MBA”, combining online courses with in-person experiential modules, such as immersion in an Arts et Métiers innovation laboratory and at a top-level American technology campus.

Arts et Métiers’ 14 Mastères Spécialisés, providing highly specialized expertise for in-demand positions, careers and sectors, already train between 160 and 200 students per year.

AMTalents wishes to contribute to impact reduction and adaptation strategies to cover all possible technical paths, such as the linear and circular economy and high tech and low tech localization.

1,000 apprentices are currently enrolled in training at Arts et Métiers, 380 of whom are managed by the AMTalents programme. The goal for 2027 is to grow the number of apprentices by 50%.

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